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Jamagro Processing

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Contains Ginger, Garlic, Paracetamol Leaves, Honey, Indian Tobacco, Cane Sugar.
Can be used as an antioxidant and anti-inflammationCoughs and ColdsWeight LossAches and PainsStrengthens the Immune System
Great when used as an antioxidant and anti-inflammation and: Cough and ColdsRespiratory DisordersAches and PainsStrengthens the Immune System
Enjoy the flavor of rich aromatic cocoa infused with local spices. 
Instant Ginger Drink

Instant Ginger Drink

$5.56 / PACK
Can be used as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation, cough and colds, respiratory disorders, aches and pains and to strengthen the…
Have a cup filled with your favorite original cocoa beverage from Doctor Herb Instant Traditional Cocoa. Each cube is infused…
Can be used in Cakes, Pastries, Puddings, Teas and all your home recipes. 
Enjoy the Smooth Soothing taste of Turmeric Tea while your body benefits from its wealth of nutrients and vitamins, good…

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