Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up?

Suppliers such as farmers, herbalists, florists, seedling propagators, fisherfolk and agro-processors can create their shop and list their products for sale. Customers can create a regular account. 

Do I have to pay?

There is a small monthly fee which is required upon signing up on our platform. 

Who will buy my products?

Persons can place orders for products directly through our website. Or, they may place an inquiry or order.

How will I get paid as a vendor?

Vendors can choose which payment method they would prefer based on the options available in the dashboard. 

Who handles shipping?

We partner with suppliers in an effort to deliver products to customers on time. Products may be delivered by AgriVertise to the supplier to a location convenient for all parties involves. Please see shipping and delivery for more details. 

Do you have more questions? Call or send us a message at 767-2457401 or 767-6152041.