General Questions; Customers and Vendors

What is

AgriVertise is an online agricultural marketplace geared towards facilitating trade between customers and suppliers.

Do I need to sign up before buying any product?

Just click on the sign in or account icon on on the account or sign In link provided.

What type of products do you sell online?

We sell only agriculture related products like fresh produce, value added products, seedlings and plants, herbs and spices, nuts and grains, fish and sea foods, flowers and the like.

Is my information safe?

Yes, your information is 100% Safe with us and is used only to enhance your interaction and experience on our website. We do not handle or store any card information.

What currency is used on the platform?

Our base currency is US dollars. All prices must be set in US. Payments are made in US dollars. However, prices are updated to suit the currency based on your location while viewing products. We recommend for quick, reliable conversions. Simply enter the desired amount in your currency, then choose your "from" currency and "to" currency and press convert.

How do I register to sell on

You can click on the create shop link in the menu or by clicking on account and scrolling down to the become a vendor link in the bottom or the register form.

Do I have to pay to register as a seller?

Yes, a small registration fee is required for our paid plans (See more on vendor registration page). This small fee also helps to cover the cost of your store management and advertising.

How much do you charge per sale?

We deduct a commission from each individual sale made. This commission depends on the vendor registration plan you choose. That's exclusive of any fees which we may incur for payment processing online or via PayPal.

Does handle shipping and delivery?

Please see our useful references from the quick links below based on your country. We are also willing to assist where necessary. Please email [email protected] or call or WhatsApp 767-6152041 / 767-2761083.

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